Instructor Spotlight: Meet Muhtar

Muhtar is a lifelong fan of video games, basketball, and positive-minded people. Positivity is most important to him, both in the classroom and out in the world. In fact, this CYDEO instructor swears by one piece of advice which has stuck with him throughout the years & echoes through his mind: “Surround yourself with positive-minded […]

Zarina Kurtbedinova

Alumni Success Story: Zarina Kurtbedinova

Immigrating to the United States, Zarina lost her waitress job from the pandemic. Now, Zarina is working for a major company as a software developer making 6-figures! The path to finding herself and getting her dream job was an obstacle-filled marathon for Zarina Kurtbedinova. She came to the US in 2015 as a young woman, […]


Why You Don’t Need a Degree to Get a Job in Tech

American society has taught us that we need to at least get a bachelor’s degree if we want to ever get a good job or a career with actual possibility for growth. In the tech industry, though, we’ve proven over and over again that’s not true. We also know it’s not necessarily true that people […]


The Unbundling of American Higher Education

COVID-19 has drastically affected the American education system. Traditional universities have been struggling under the pressure to adapt to remote learning practices, but they were failing many of their students even before COVID-19 shook up the world. Higher education in America has become more about the profits than the people. Universities manage to maintain a […]


IT is Redefining the Future of Work

Information Technology (IT) is a booming industry, showing no signs of stopping. The way we’ve viewed the industry has been redefined by the newly exacerbated demand from everyone working from home combined with accessible education. Many people are getting jobs without a degree because affordable bootcamps are popping up to teach a specific coding language […]


How Cydeo Approaches Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace and within the industry as a whole shouldn’t need an explanation. It is common sense to seek out different outlooks and frames of mind in order to challenge the industry and push us further toward innovation. The technology and IT industry has been predominantly run by white men in the entirety […]


Cybertek is evolving to CYDEO!

Over the years, we’ve changed the trajectory of thousands of lives. Every student goes through a 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 version of themselves, & now we are as well. We can’t wait to write this next chapter together.