Alumni Stories

How a singe mother landed her first job making six-figures?

Nisso’s favorite place as a child was her grandparent’s house. Located in the ancient city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan (the “City of Stones”), the home sat next to streets where Nisso ran through with her neighborhood friends, sometimes kicking around a soccer ball, other times playing hide-and-seek. She had so much fun that the games could […]


She avoided technology for 50 years and now works at an A.I. company: Inci A.

Spending time on the shores of Izmir, Turkey, often means separating momentarily from buzzing devices and flashing screens. That was true in the 1970s when young Inci played on its stone streets and within its ancient walls. She remembers those “magical” days— when families looked Westward into the Aegean Sea instead of at their primitive […]