Cybersecurity Analyst Program

7 Months (28 Weeks)

You will learn how to think like a hacker so you can stop them in their tracks. 

We will teach you everything you need to become a cybersecurity or information security analyst through learning cybersecurity theory, ethical hacking methodologies, and security analysis tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Upcoming Cohorts:

Cohort 06 – Hybrid
Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD

Cohort 07 – Hybrid
Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD

We’ve done our job when you have an amazing one.

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Then: Studying Medicine
Now: SOC Analyst

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Then: Studying Nursing
Now: Cybersecurity Analyst

What do Cybersecurity Analysts do?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst or Junior Cybersecurity Analyst plays a critical role in protecting an organization’s information systems.

They work to detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong understanding of the threat landscape.

Why do companies around the world need more Cybersecurity Specialists?

These experts safeguard valuable assets, such as proprietary data and IT systems, from cyber threats, minimizing financial and reputational risk. By protecting against operational disruptions caused by cyber attacks, they promote business continuity.

Cybersecurity professionals also help to manage cyber risks effectively, providing cost savings in the long run by preventing costly breaches.

Holistic Approach To Learning

Our educational strategy considers the entirety of a learner’s experience, rather than focusing on learning isolated facts or skills in a fragmented way.

The concept is rooted in the idea that learning is not just about accumulating knowledge, but it’s also about developing the whole person — emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Market-Driven Curriculum

Our program is designed based on the needs and demands of the job market or industry. Our content is responsive to trends, changes, and skills gaps in the marketplace.

Learning That Fits Your Schedule

Our class blends self-paced learning (through videos), collaborative learning (through group projects), and personalized learning (through mentor assistance) to offer a versatile and comprehensive learning experience.

LIVE Instructor & Mentorship Support

Our course aims to provide learners with a well-rounded and personalized educational experience, equipping them with both the technical knowledge and practical insights they need to succeed in the tech industry.


Length: 60 Hours

Students coming from non-IT backgrounds need to have an intro about the program like the terminologies and computer foundation.

This module focuses on fundamental concepts of cybersecurity that includes- the history of cybersecurity, computer basics, and cybersecurity analyst basic traits and industry options. Covers at a high level, computer components, the OSI model, the CIA triangle, threats, vulnerability, risk, and an introduction to types of attacks, malware, and actors.

Length: 64 Hours

Students should learn the needed networking infrastructure like models and protocols so they understand the mitigation plans.

This module covers the basics of computer networking and security as it pertains to networking. Students will learn about network architecture, communication, equipment, security tools, and how they work to allow networks to function. Upon completion, students will know how to interpret access control lists, IPs rules, and how to configure and manage networking equipment.

Length: 60 Hours

Linux foundation is essential to cybersecurity analysts as they need this platform to handle the security analyst daily tasks.

This module teaches students about the history of Linux operating systems and their uses, how to use command line arguments, hardware and software
compatibility, and Linux networking basics. Finally, the course walks through Linux specific security and permission requirements such as package, permission, and package management.

Length: 64 hours

This module moves the student to the next level of security as they get to know more about different types of threats, attacks and system hardening.

This module teaches the next tier of security principles and concepts, which include cryptography, data types and availability, cybersecurity countermeasures, different types of threats and their impacts, disaster recovery, and system hardening.

Length: 116 Hours

This module is focusing on the tools that the blue team would need to defend the network. The blue team training module is a comprehensive training program focused on equipping cybersecurity professionals with the skills to defend against cyber threats.

Participants learn defensive techniques, such as network security, incident response, and vulnerability assessment. They gain hands-on experience with tools like intrusion detection systems, log analysis, and malware analysis.

The course emphasizes proactive defense, threat hunting, and effective communication during security incidents, ensuring participants are prepared to protect their organizations’ digital assets.

Length: 132 Hours

This module provides a good understanding of the functions and structure of a Security operation center.

You will learn security analysis concepts, to include- the functions and structure of a Security operation center, reactive and proactive analysis, data metrics, data types, analysis tools, and threat intelligence.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify important data types, analyze the data using SOC tools, manage alerts, and use threat intelligence and incident response procedures to triage those alerts.

Length: 64 Hours

The objective of this module is to prepare the students on AWS CLF and CompTIA Security+ certification.

This module reviews the information learned in the previous courses and prepares students to achieve the AWS CLF and CompTIA Security+ certifications with test-taking best practices, and practice scenarios and questions.

Length: 120 Hours

This module teaches the fundamentals of cloud security. The course covers identity and access management, data security and cloud threats.

Both Azure and AWS Security is covered and upon completion of this course students should be able to monitor logs on both platforms.

Length: 140 Hours

The objective of this module is to give real world training as if the student is working in any SOC company as a security analyst.

The module covers monitoring, preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to cyber threats around the clock using SOC tools. The students trained on the tools like Splunk, AlienVault, Jira, Crowd Strike as well as the daily shifts. Also, they get knowledge about the ticketing system in the SOC center.


This program is hybrid, so you can learn at your own pace. Live instructor review once a week to go over topics & assignments. You’ll have the opportunity to partner with dedicated mentors to review and prepare for interviews during your program in CYDEO.

Week 1 - 2
Intro to Cybersecurity
Week 3 - 5
Network Essentials
Week 6 - 8
Linux Essentials
Week 9 to 11
Blue Team Training
Week 12 to 14
Security Analysis
Week 15 to 18
Certification Preparations for CompTA Security+ Certification
Week 19 - 20
Cloud Security
Week 21 - 22
Certification Preparation for AWS CLF Certificate
Week 23 - 27
Security Operations Center (SOC) Training

Your Weekly Class Schedule

This program will require at least 24 hours per week. 

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with instructors during office hours, live review sessions, & partner with dedicated mentors during your journey with CYDEO.




New Modules Released
18+ Hours of Content Available




Industry Mentor Session
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST






Live Review Sessions with Instructor
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

CYDEO mentors and resources are available 7-days a week.

Why Our Alumni Are "Recession-Proof"

Technically Sound

The goal of the program is to produce well-rounded Cybersecurity Analysts who are not just technically sound, but also versatile and adaptable in the ever-evolving tech industry.

This holistic and rigorous approach to learning sets you up for success, making you a sought-after candidate for employers.

Soft-Skill Training

The ability to develop these soft skills can often make the difference between simply doing a job and truly excelling in a career.

They help you navigate the interpersonal aspects of the workplace, lead teams, manage conflicts, and progress in your career.

Life-Long Support

CYDEO’s commitment to its students extends far beyond graduation & landing their first job, providing support and resources as they begin their careers in tech.

The journey that began with learning technical skills continues with ongoing professional development, learning new technologies, and fostering connections within a vibrant tech community.

Meet Your Instructors

You’ll have real-time interaction with instructors allows learners to ask questions, clarify doubts, engage in discussions, and get immediate feedback on their understanding of the course material.

Meet the teams that will support your journey

CYDEO Mentors

These mentors are available every day to provide ongoing assistance. Whether a learner has a question about a concept, is facing a challenge in their progress, or needs general guidance, CYDEO mentors are there to help. They’re here to ensure that learners get timely and consistent support whenever they need it.

Industry Mentors

These are experienced professionals from the tech industry who share their real-world experiences and insights with the learners. Their role extends beyond academic guidance, as they also assist learners in making a successful transition into their first tech job. 

This assistance includes preparing learners for job interviews, sharing tips about workplace expectations, providing industry insights, & offering advice on career advancement in the tech field.

Market-Support Team

This team provides comprehensive support to help students present themselves effectively to potential employers. Their goal is to ensure that students are not only technically prepared for their careers but also fully equipped to navigate the job search process and make a strong impression on potential employers.

Cybersecurity Analyst

 Tuition: $7,880

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Receive a 10% instant rebate when you pay for the entire program at once.

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Standard Student Loan

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In-House Payment Plan

Only pay half of tuition while you are in class, and pay the rest once you get your new job.

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  • Accept Your First Job Offer.
  • $1,360/Mo. For 5 Months

Learn Now, Pay Later: 18/Mo

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  • $449/Mo. For 36 Months

Register to watch the Cybersecurity Intro Session

We would like to invite you to watch an Intro Session to gain a deeper understanding of the role of Cybersecurity Analysts and their increasing significance in the tech industry. 

This session provides an opportunity to meet our dedicated instructors and mentors and to explore our comprehensive curriculum. 

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to hear from our esteemed alumni, who were once embarking on this journey just like you and are now thriving as Professional Cybersecurity Analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Intro Session is the first step toward your new career. Our Intro Sessions explain what the student journey will look like during your time at CYDEO, from writing your first line of code to getting your first job offer. We aim to answer any questions you may have before applying to the program.

You do not need any IT experience to join CYDEO. Most of our students start our program with no experience at all. Our program and classes are designed to build step-by-step on knowledge taught by our experienced instructors during each class.

Our programs are an intensive full-time program. Unlike a traditional education, our programs range between five and seven months and require students to pass a technical interview with a panel of external experts before graduation. Like a traditional education, our instructors are experts in their field and want to help you succeed in the IT industry.

Upon successful completion of our program, you will be awarded a certificate.

Yes, we offer limited need-based scholarships for those with financial need. For more information on our scholarships, please email [email protected].