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Starting Salary is $84,000+

Our programs help you become a skilled professional. But more importantly, you will learn to increase your income, happiness and freedom. After graduation, we’ll support you as the job offers roll in.

Work anywhere around the world

Since the pandemic, there has been a rapid increase of remote positions. Corporations are widening their search for qualified candidates.

No College Degree Required

To compete in this technological world, companies need websites, applications, digital products, and an online infrastructure. There is simply not enough coders to handle the demand in the market. Companies have turned to CYDEO to help fill this gap.

Watch a complimentary Intro Session on how to start a career in Cybersecurity. Make an incredible career transformation within a year!

No prior coding experience is necessary, we teach everything you need from scratch.

LIVE 1-on-1 Mentors teach you everything step-by-step.

Group Projects reflect real-world scenarios to showcase in interviews.

Learn the soft skills needed to move up faster in your professional career.

Career Mentors help improve your job interviews & negotiations.

Transition into a new career with confidence.

Our next Intro Session is on November 1st, 2022, at 6:30 PM EST


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