Data Structures & Algorithms Up-Skill Training

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Data Structures & Algorithms

- 10 Week Course
- 60 Hours of Content

Topics covered in the Data Structures & Algorithms are the fundamentals behind the Information technology. This course will change students’ approach to coding solutions as well as help students understand new concepts in computer science. The material covered is also integral to interview questions, making this program a valuable resource for those preparing for tough interviews in the field of Data Structures and Algorithms.

Training Schedule

Class Begins:
June 19th, 2023

Live Review Sessions:
Saturdays / Sundays
9:30 AM to 12:00 PM EST

Students will start the course with the definition of Data Structures and Algorithms. After the introduction, the very first topic will be Algorithm Analysis and Big-O notation which will be a basis to measure the effectiveness of the structures that will be covered.

Based on this foundation data structures starting from Arrays will be covered and students will learn how the data structure is built and how it works and what the performance of the structure is.

Week 01 - 06/24 - Algorithm Analysis
Week 02 - 07/01 - Collections Review
Week 03 - 07/08 - Linked List
Week 04 - 07/16 - Stack & Recursion
Week 05 - 07/23 - Queses & Hashing
Week 06 - 07/30 - Trees Part 1
Week 07 - 08/06 - Trees Part 2
Week 08 - 08/13 - Heap
Week 09 - 08/20 - Search Algorithms
Week 10 - 08/27 - Short Algorithms

CYDEO Alumni are eligible to take this program for free.
Please use the same contact information you used as a student at CYDEO.

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