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The Java SDET program starts on January 29th, 2023. Instead of waiting, would you like to start your IT training today?

Below are the warm-up recordings introducing the fundamentals of the Java SDET Program.
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Module #1

Introduction to Soft-Skills

Asya our soft-skill instructor will go over the Java SDET program course, the technical hard skills you will learn and the soft skills you will develop by the end of the curriculum.

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Module #2

Introduction to Software

Asya will go over key terminologies in the tech industry. In this training, you will learn the differences between software and hardware, and the different types of applications available.

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Module #3

Introduction to Applications

Asya will go over the different layers of applications. Learn the difference between front-end and backend development, and learn website terminologies.

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Module #4

Introduction to I.T. Company Departments

Learn about how companies structure their IT Departments. Learn the different types of careers available and how they work with other departments.

Start a transformational journey to a high-paying & secure Java SDET career.

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