JMeter Up-Skill Training

During uncertain times, become more competitive in the Tech market. 

We want you to be Recession-Proof. Learn the skills that will give you in edge at your company & in the job-market.

JMeter Up-Skill Training

The JMeter program is designed to train people about the The Apache JMeter application which will make them more competitive in the IT market. In order to get more benefit from the program, prerequisites are to have one Programming Language knowledge and be familiar with Testing, UI automation tools.

Training Schedule

Class Begins:
May 30th, 2023

Live Session:
June 4th, 2023
9:30 AM to 12:00 PM EST

JMeter program duration is 1 week. During this time period, students will learn JMeter Installation, GUI Overview, Test Script Recording, Analyzing Test Results, Timers, CSV Dataset Config Element and Login Scenario, and Running Tests from Command Line Interface (CLI) at JMeter Performance Testing. The JMeter training consists of two parts: In the first phase, students will learn JMeter Installation and fundamentals of application usage. In the second phase they will move on learning distributed load testing which allows developers and testers to work on a master-slave set, enabling load testing on different machines.

CYDEO Alumni are eligible to take these free programs.
Please use the same contact information you used as a student at CYDEO.

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