Java SDET Fast-Track Training

Refresh your knowledge in our Java SDET Fast-Track Program

Java SDET Fast-Track Program

The SDET Fast Track program is designed to recap the major topics needed for an SDET (Software Developer Engineer in Test). The program is a fast-track version of the main SDET program and allows students to resharpen their skills and understanding for the IT market.

In order to get more benefit from the program, prerequisites are to be familiar with Java programming, UI testing with Selenium, Database testing with JDBC, and API testing with RestAssured.


The SDET Fast Track program duration is 6 weeks.

The SDET Fast Track training consists of 4 main parts:
In the first phase, students will go through Java programming. In the second phase they will practice Selenium and Cucumber. The last two phases will be SQL/JDC and API. Softskills and Git sessions will occur throughout the phases.

Sessions begin at 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST:
July 2nd - Java Review
July 9th - Java Review
July 15th - Selenium/Cucumber Review
July 22nd - Selenium/Cucumber Review
July 29th - SQL Review
August 5th - API Review
August 12th - API Review

All CYDEO Alumni are eligible to take these free programs. Please use the same contact information you used when you were a student at CYDEO.

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