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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept electronic checks, bank payments, and credit cards. There is a 3% transaction fee for debit and credit card payments.

If a student chooses the Job Secure payment plan: CYDEO has an automated bank payment system (Stripe) that directly withdraws funds from the designated bank account. All credit card or debit card payments will be subject to a 3% processing fee.

US Residents Only: If a student chooses the 0% Interest or Standard Student Loan payment plan: CYDEO will satisfy the full tuition amount from Climb on the student’s behalf. The student is responsible for making all monthly payments on time to Climb.

To apply for the 0% interest student loan, please click here. (US Residents Only).
It only takes a 5–minute application that gives you results instantly.

If you currently live in Canada, you can apply for a student loan by clicking here. 

Yes, you will get access to a Welcome Kit course that contains different materials on the program like installation guides/videos, and course content.

You will have access to the Syllabus through your LMS platform once you are enrolled in the program.

If the Orientation day falls on a Monday, it is preferred to finish the enrollment process by Friday at the latest (before the orientation day) so our Accounting department can process the payment and our Tech Support team can give you access on time.

The 4506T form is required in order for you to benefit from the two-part, zero-interest installment payment plan. The 4506T form is for CYDEO to request your 1040 tax returns in the future.

This is requested because the T2 monthly installment plan is a zero-interest loan offered by CYDEO and it is paid after you find an IT job.

If you wish to opt out of the form, you can choose to pay the full tuition at once upon enrollment.