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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Week 1 / Alphabet & Numbers
  • Week 2 / Parts of Speech
  • Week 3-7 / Tense structures in English
  • Week 7-8 / Modals, Conditionals & Embedded questions
  • Week 9 / Passive Structures, Noun cloauses, & Reported Speech
  • Week 10 / Gerunds & Infinitives
  • Week 11 / Relative Clasuses
  • Week 12 / Adverbial Clauses

We accept electronic checks, bank payments, and credit cards. There is a 3% transaction fee for debit and credit card payments.

No, your training begins on the orientation date. 

If the Orientation day falls on a Monday, it is preferred to finish the enrollment process by Friday at the latest (before the orientation day) so our Accounting department can process the payment and our Tech Support team can give you access on time.