5 Tips for Nailing Your Technical Interview

Technical interviews are a common way for employers to assess your technical ability for the role and the extent of your knowledge in the chosen field.

Unlike other interviews, technical interviews can include challenges and assignments. More show rather than tell. They are designed to assess your problem-solving and communication skills, as well as your ability to think under pressure, to give employers a glimpse into how you would solve a real-world problem at work.

Check out the tips below to nail your technical interview! Preparedness is key for all aspects of your success.


1. Research, research, research!

  • Research everything, including the company, the company’s mission, and the requirements of the role you’re interviewing for. This research will help you answer interview questions in a way that is specific to the company and the position.
  • You can also research common questions and scenarios presented during interviews for the role you’re applying for. Prepare your key points and practice responding in the mirror or with a friend.

2. Ask questions.

    • Asking questions during an interview is a great way to stand out, especially from other applicants who don’t ask questions.
    • If you’re participating in an onsite technical interview or challenge, ask clarifying questions before you start writing the challenge. By asking clarifying questions, you might get hints from the interviewer. It’s also essential to make sure you fully understand the challenge/question before jumping in.

3. Communicate clearly and focus on the details.

    • When answering questions, talk in detail about your related technical skills, knowledge, and project experience. Stick to what you know best!
    • Think out loud and verbalize your thought process to help show your analytical skills. It’s not just about finding the right answer but explaining your reasoning behind it.

4. Dress for success.

    • Knowing what to wear to your interview can be tricky. Although most tech companies have a more casual workplace, it’s still important to dress to code. Some organizations provide pre-interview guidelines, so be sure to follow those. If in doubt, ask the recruiter.
    • It is also helpful to prepare two outfit options the evening before. Choose one and then select a backup, just in case something happens. You never know when you could spill coffee!

5.Be personable.

    • As much as the interview is about your hard skills, your software skills are equally important. Be your best self and someone that you would want to work with daily.


The more potential employers know about you, the more they’ll remember you at the end of an interview. With the right information, they’ll be confident that you’re the one they want to hire, and they won’t have any doubts or questions when it comes time to make their decision. You’ll have no trouble turning a good interview into a great one if you follow these simple, effective steps.

It also pays to thank the interviewer for their time, reiterate your positive impression of the company, and make it clear you’re a perfect fit for the job—all while standing up and showing a friendly goodbye.

Good luck!