Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity Analyst

Build strong competencies in network and systems security, learn Python, logs and detection, threat intelligence, and applied cryptography. Obtain your Security+ and Cloud Security certifications. Practice your cybersecurity skills with RangeForce. Gain real hands-on experience by working in the CYDEO Security Operations Center.



Our training covers these main knowledge areas that help you develop cybersecurity theory and framework:

  • Cybersecurity history and theory.
  • Security essentials, including secure network design and implementation, endpoint defense and access control, basic analysis, compliance standards, and cryptography.
  • Ethical hacking and penetration testing methodology.
  • Range Force is our collaboration partner that hosts & manages lab solutions.
  • Advanced analysis methodologies, incident response, and security tool specialization.
  • Real-life shift-based SOC work experience at the CYDEO Security Operations Center as a Tier 1 SOC Analyst.
  • Scripting skills needed to identify attacks.

Not only will you develop the cybersecurity theory and frameworks, but you’ll also have the technical skills to be job-ready, which includes everything from ethical hacking and penetration testing methodology to security analysis, which are both needed to be a successful Security Analyst in a SOC.


This program will require at least 25 hours per week. You will learn the non-technical and technical skills required to be a cybersecurity or information security analyst. As part of the non-technical training, you will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as professional writing and reporting.

Our programs

The Cybersecurity program prepares individuals for roles as Cybersecurity, Information Security, or SOC Analysts. The curriculum includes basic Linux, Networking, and Scripting, progressing to cybersecurity techniques such as secure network design, endpoint security, access control, malware analysis, and more. The program concludes with log analysis, investigation, vulnerability scanning, and hands-on training in the Cydeo SOC with the market leading SIEM, EDR and Ticket Management tools. Successful completion qualifies students for certifications including CompTIA Security+, AWS Cloud Practitioner.



Why Cydeo?

Ready to work

Cydeo graduates have technical skills and a deep understanding of how technology teams work. They hit the ground running and integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Scrum, Agile or Waterfall, we do it all.

Never not learning

Our training and support doesn’t stop when graduates land their dream job. Continued learning is a part of the journey. We provide ongoing resources, services and tools to help them reach their potential.

Everybody wins

Graduates get a fantastic career in tech, and your organization hires confident, skilled professionals ready to work—positive transformation one employee at a time.

We train experts

Our rigorous training equips candidates with the skills your organization needs. Below are the specific programs and languages you can expect in a CYDEO graduates tool kit.