All you need to know about LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn is an online stage for professional career build-up, making new connections, and seeking opportunities for jobs as well. Learn more about it below.

LinkedIn is the best platform regardless of their occupation, people can go there for new opportunities to make career developments and connect with appropriate people who can help you to grow your career, and share their experiences. It is much like other social media platforms in terms of conversation through private messages and showing or seeing other people’s profiles.

In this article, we will discuss how to search for jobs on LinkedIn, how to filter them, why should we pursue those jobs, how to filter for that appropriate job, and many more things about LinkedIn.

Why prefer LinkedIn for applying for jobs:

Almost all companies worldwide prefer to post opportunities for jobs on their website as well as on LinkedIn. They post the same jobs on LinkedIn as it is an internationally renowned platform for online user-customer interaction.


The advantage of LinkedIn for users is that we can see the companies posting jobs and also can see the details of that specific company as well as the employees. If you think you are qualified enough for that position so we can directly reach the employees to apply for the positionYour profile will showcase your professionalism, skillset, and qualification. However, your profile will be shared and can be seen by everyone.

Another advantage is that we can directly contact people in talent acquisition or the Human Resource Department of respective companies and organizations. Following this, you can also convince them that you are a capable candidate for the opportunity and can also convince them to create new opportunities.

Searching jobs

Following are the ways to find potential job opportunities on LinkedIn:

  • To find a job, you can search the bar on the topmost of the home page with specific keywords. You can type the keyword or company name that you need to apply for, in the search bar.
  • LinkedIn recommends specific jobs according to your profile, service, and skill. You can access it from the jobs page where you can search and apply for positions.
  • Moreover, you can filter the jobs as per your requirements. You can filter with the company, with most recent jobs, and the most appropriate job for you.
  • You can create multiple job alerts so you won’t miss new job posts.
  • You can also find jobs in your nearest areas and state using LinkedIn.  For this, you have to enter the place or point where you want to look for jobs in the search location bar.
  • You can use the filter at the top most of the results page to refine and get freshly and newly uploaded jobs; you can also choose full-time or part-time following your concern.

How to find employers of the specific company?

LinkedIn is a vast networking site that connects people all over the world. According to the report by Kinsta, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn for finding suitable candidates. To find a reputable job in a particular company, a candidate must follow the following secret tips:

  • Firstly, visit your desired company’s official page and find out about its existing employees.
  • Contact Human Resource Managers, Hiring staff, and other HR specialists of the company.
  • You can also search for human resource executive profiles on LinkedIn.
  • You can filter particular employees and find talent acquisition managers according to your location and desired company.
  • After connecting with employers and HR executives, you can send them a detailed message regarding your concerns.

Sending invitations

Sending invites to the HR official via LinkedIn is identical to writing a cover letter for an official job application. Connection invited leads to more interaction and job opportunities. Let’s find out the right way to send an invitation on LinkedIn for job opportunities:

  • To peruse those jobs you have already applied for, write the name of the company in the search box, click the people’s tab, and then in the sub search bar write the Human Resources keyword to search employees in the human resources department in the chosen company.
  • Try to connect with decision-makers; for example, the Director of human resources, and higher-level managers. Moreover, you can filter the HR in your location and area.
  • LinkedIn allows you to send an invitation of 300 letters text box, personalize your invitation by writing about your top skills and qualifications to convince them to be in your connections. Once you are connected, you can send them a detailed message about your concerns.
  • If the connection feature is not available, write a personalized and catchy invite to capture the employer’s attraction.
  • Remember! Good communication and sales pitch win most jobs on LinkedIn.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is the most appropriate platform for job searching and enhancing your network. According to the latest studies from  Statistic Brain about 122 million people receive an interview call from LinkedIn and 35.5 million get hired by the person they are connected to. This concludes that LinkedIn is connecting thousands of people on one platform; making talented people build their careers, meet new professionals, find jobs easily, and connect people to companies by just a message. With advanced technology approach, it is making virtual networking worldwide. The user-friendly, career-building, and interacting feature of LinkedIn has made it better than other websites in many aspects.