Is Cybersecurity Still in Demand in 2022?

Cybersecurity offers aspiring IT specialists a rewarding and challenging career path. If you want to be responsible for protecting critical digital infrastructure from malicious attacks, have a passion for networks and coding – this might be a great choice for you.

Over the past few years, Cybersecurity has established itself as a crucial field. As cyberattacks become ever more complex targeting vulnerabilities that result from the rapid digital transformation of the private and public sector, the need for specialists in this field has never been more pressing.

According to a recent report by Fortinet, 80% of organizations worldwide have suffered a cybersecurity breach related to a lack of cyber skills or awareness. More critically, over a 3rd of targeted companies lost more than a million dollars due to such attacks.

To battle emerging cybersecurity threats, businesses from all industries are opening up new positions every year – many of which remain unfilled. As Cybersecurity Ventures reports the global shortage of talent is in the range of 3,5 million people. In turn, this is causing companies to look for ways to attract new employees with generous salary packages averaging at $117,329.

With the Cybersecurity skills gap widening every year and demand for skilled professionals in the field far outweighing supply, there’s never been a better time to join the profession. Learn how you can become a qualified Cybersecurity Analyst in a matter of months by registering for our Cybersecurity LIVE Intro Session