Team Spotlight: Florian

“It’s been an absolutely life-changing experience.”

Florian started his job experience at age 13, where he started bussing tables at local restaurants and cafes.

It was hard work but he had to help out his mother, who labored at a shoe factory to bring home money for her four kids. Florian’s father, who also worked at a factory, was imprisoned in Serbia from 1999 to 2003.

“Those were really, really hard years,” Florian recalled, “but I always thought about a better future, to do something for myself and for my family.”

“I always thought I could be maybe a computer expert, maybe a programmer,” he said. “I learned and practiced all the time on my own.”

The opportunity opened the doors and this company called Cydeo agreed to interview him for an online customer service position.

“It was like two interviews, and I had to do one of them in the cafe I was working at the time,” he said. “I think I was still in my uniform!”

“I realized like everyone at work, first of all, was so flexible and welcoming, there’s a lot of respect. Even though I took a month or so to get used to everything, I felt valued and supported.”

Then it became apparent that Florian had real programming skills too (beyond just customer service), so he got transferred to the IT department. Years later, he switched directly into Cydeo as a Team Leader in tech support.

“It’s been an absolutely life-changing experience,” he said, “I work on the infrastructure that all of our students use to learn, and I lead the first line of support when they have technical issues.”

Students at Cydeo with often little technical experience depend on Florian’s team for help. This makes him one of the most recognizable faces at the company when it comes to students and staff. Now Kosovo has dozens of Cydeo employees, with Florian leading many of them.

In many ways, the job has fulfilled those day-dreams he had while wiping down tables and taking drink orders.

“There’s a ton of support from everyone, and there’s no sense of anyone holding their power over colleagues just because of rank,” he noted.

“I absolutely love it, my life has changed.”