The Unbundling of American Higher Education

COVID-19 has drastically affected the American education system. Traditional universities have been struggling under the pressure to adapt to remote learning practices, but they were failing many of their students even before COVID-19 shook up the world. Higher education in America has become more about the profits than the people. Universities manage to maintain a stream of massive revenue through what’s called “bundling”. At Cydeo, we think it’s time to unbundle higher education.

Despite the transition to online learning, cost of tuition across the country has stayed the same – aka astronomically high. Before COVID, universities tried to write off their sky-high prices by offering things besides classes as part of tuition– basically, tuition included a gym membership, access to campus facilities, affordable healthcare services on campus, student organizations, sports, etc. But, as a result of COVID-19, student’s don’t have access to any of those things and the tuition price has stayed the same. Club sport activities are 100% canceled. Division sports are still going according to schedule, but no spectators are allowed. And access to vital campus resources like libraries and health centers is severely restricted.

Before COVID-19, part of the university “bundle” also included a number of elective courses that traditional universities require their students to take. Those electives, we’re positioned to create a more “well-rounded” student experience and consisted of classes like Yoga 101, Intro to Astrology, and Beginner Guitar. All of which sound fun in their own right, but why do they cost the same amount as classes like Organic Chemistry and Psychopathology? And why are those classes required for your Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree? At Cydeo, we believe in cutting the fluff. We give you exactly the classes and structure you need to become a software developer without any of the extra time-consuming and unnecessary electives. We want to help you start your new career as soon as possible and with confidence. The time commitment to further your education is greatly reduced as most traditional university students take 4-5 years to complete an undergraduate degree. Cydeo’s program only takes seven months.

Going to a university used to also come with the promise of a job immediately after graduation. Nowadays, the valuation of an undergraduate degree is much less than it used to be. Now, employers ask you to take unpaid “internships” that are disguised as either volunteer work and/or college credit. Cydeo, however, is employment-focused. We want our students to succeed and ensure that the skill-set we teach you gets you a high-level job post-grad, with seventy-five percent of our students moving into a high-paying job in IT within 6 months to a year after graduating from our program.

As universities continue to struggle with remote learning, more and more students are going to realize that the education they’re getting isn’t worth the money they’re paying…especially, when their Yoga teacher can’t even double check the students’ Savasana form because their cameras are pointing the wrong way.

A “bundled” education won’t hold up in a post-pandemic world. If you’re looking to unbundle your education and get a jumpstart for your career, consider joining Cydeo’s program and learn all the skills you need to become a software developer in just seven months.