Why You Don’t Need a Degree to Get a Job in Tech

American society has taught us that we need to at least get a bachelor’s degree if we want to ever get a good job or a career with actual possibility for growth. In the tech industry, though, we’ve proven over and over again that’s not true. We also know it’s not necessarily true that people with a degree actually know what they’re doing – especially since the university made them waste their time and money on classes like Meditation 101. With coding bootcamps or seven-month long coding programs like ours, people are managing to turn their lives around and break into IT in under a year’s time.

Instead of taking out crazy student loans to pay for a four-year education, programming bootcamps have made secondary education affordable and time-efficient – with most bootcamps taking under a year to complete. There’s no filler classes and no business-centered university officials finding more ways to suck money from their students. Bootcamps like Cydeo jump straight into the classes that will prepare you with all the knowledge you need to start your IT career. We even have advisors to help you find a job post-grad. IT bootcamps are putting an end to expensive education and getting more people into the workforce to meet the never-ending demand of the industry.